The Institute for Community Design Analysis, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation which, for the past 25 years, has developed and applied a technology that uses the physical restructuring of housing projects and residential communities to reduce crime and improve stability. The basis of this restructuring is the subdivision of previously public areas of projects and streets and their re-assignment to the control of neighboring residents. This reassignment includes both exterior areas (grounds, streets, parking lots, play areas) and the interiors of multi-family buildings (lobbies, stairs, corridors, elevators, laundry rooms, etc.). This technology is called “Defensible Space” and has proven to have long-term effectiveness at low cost.

In some instances there is a “social” as well as “physical” component to the restructuring, wherein the population characteristics of the development are altered as well. For instance, a high-rise, public housing building occupied by a mix of families with children and seniors may be converted to t