Born: Sept. 30, 1935, in Montréal, Canada.

American citizen by naturalization: 1972.

Married: Irene (Kopper) Koning (’41).

Three children: Paul (’64), Jon (’66), Hinde (’68).


  1. Graduate in Architecture and City Planning 1959, McGill University, Montreal (6-year program).
  2. Post-graduate studies in housing and city planning in Europe, primarily in the Netherlands, between 1959 and 1961, resulting in a major monograph published in the Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland, and the United States.
  3. President or Executive Director of three firms:
    • President, The Institute for Community Design Analysis, a not-for-profit research corporation (since 1972).
    • President, Oscar Newman and Associates, Architects and City Planners (since 1963).
    • Executive Director, Interdenominational Housing Program, a not-for-profit housing organization (since 1986).

Membership in Architectural and Planning Associations

  1. Florida State Architectural License No. 0012882, 1989
  2. American Institute of Certified Planners, 1985
  3. American Planning Association, 1982
  4. State of Ohio Architectural License No. 5964, 1977
  5. National Council of Architectural Registration, No. 18898, 1977
  6. New Jersey State Architectural License No. C-6569, 1975
  7. American Institute of Architects, 1973
  8. New York State Architectural License No. 011161, 1971
  9. Corporation of Urbanists (Planners) of Québec, 1964
  10. Province of Québec Association of Architects, 1963
  11. Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, 1962

Awards and Exhibits

  1. Award of Excellence, United Nations Conference on Human Habitat, 1976.
  2. Award of Excellence, U.S. Federal Design Council, 1975. Design Response Exhibit, National Endowment for the Arts.
  3. The Berlin Prix-Futura Film Festival Award, 1974, for documentary on housing.
  4. Forty Under Forty (exhibit of young American architects in New York) 1967.
  5. Progressive Architecture Annual Design Awards, 1963. Urban Design Award.
  6. The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada medal, 1959.


Oscar Newman is a registered architect and city planner, known internationally for his architectural work, research, and writings in the fields of community planning, assisted housing, crime prevention, and racial integration.

He runs two firms in Hensonville, NY: an architectural and planning firm that consults throughout the world; and the Institute for Community Design Analysis, a not-for-profit research corporation that formulates housing policies for federal, state, and local governments. The Institute has successfully completed over $2 million of government funded research.

The U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) has just published a new book by Mr. Newman, entitled Creating Defensible Space. It explains the principles he used in designing and implementing three of his best-known projects. Two of Newman’s earlier books, Defensible Space and Community of Interest, have helped frame housing policies throughout the world. HUD has now adopted “Defensible Space” principles for all its new projects, as well as for determining which projects to tear down.

The Institute is currently designing crime prevention and community stabilization plans for many cities throughout the U.S. These plans involve inexpensive physical restructuring of residential and commercial areas to reduce crime, improve property values, and create stable racial and economic mixes. Over $500 million have been spent by housing agencies and municipalities in implementing plans prepared by Mr. Newman.

In 1982, the Institute completed plans for the reorganization of the entire Chicago Housing Authority to improve its financial and managerial operations, rehabilitate its projects, and make it more responsive to residents’ needs.

Mr. Newman recently implemented a Federal Housing Remedy Order in the Yonkers Housing Discrimination case, planning and directing the construction of hundreds of units of scattered-site public housing in white, middle-income areas while maintaining community stability.

Prior to the founding of the Institute, Mr. Newman was professor of architecture and city planning at Washington University in St. Louis, and at Columbia University and New York University in New York.

Two hour-long TV documentaries (U.S. and U.K.) about Newman’s work have won international awards and have made him known to the general public.

Mr. Newman was named Man-of-the-Year in 1995 by Law Enforcement News, which is published by the John Jay College of Criminal Justice of the City University of New York. Last year, he received the Annual Award of Achievement from the Environmental Design Research Association, which has a wide international membership.